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Effectiveness of travel bans-–readily used during infectious disease outbreaks-–is mostly unknown, study finds
February 13, 2020 |View

Communities around Sea-Tac Airport exposed to a unique mix of air pollution associated with aircraft
December 3, 2019 |View

News release: Worker health in the gig economy
September 26, 2019 |View

Air pollution can accelerate lung disease as much as a pack a day of cigarettes
August 13, 2019 |View

Offspring of pregnant women exposed to high level of pollutants may have lower IQs
July 19, 2019 |View

8 UW professors elected to the Washington State Academy of Sciences in 2019
July 17, 2019 |View

Managed retreat due to rising seas is a public health issue
March 19, 2019 |View

UW study: Exposure to chemical in Roundup increases risk for cancer
February 13, 2019 |View

New interactive mapping tool ranks Washington communities most impacted by environmental health risks
January 10, 2019 |View

Salmon may lose the ability to smell danger as carbon emissions rise
December 18, 2018 |View

UW professors Terrance Kavanagh, Jay Shendure elected as fellows of the AAAS
November 18, 2018 |View

DEOHS researchers awarded four new grants by UW Population Health Initiative
March 15, 2018 |View

In the news

Glyphosate science is nuanced. Arguments about it on the Internet? Not so much
February 20, 2020 | Forbes | Featured: Lianne Sheppard View

The coronavirus outbreak has upended office life in Asia, revealing a massive gap in who can count on having a job
February 14, 2020 | Business Insider | Featured: Marissa Baker View

Coronavirus cases seemed to be leveling off. Not anymore.
February 13, 2020 | New York Times | Featured: Peter Rabinowitz View

Huge shelters for coronavirus patients pose new risks, experts fear
February 11, 2020 | New York Times | Featured: Nicole Errett View

Cruise ship coronavirus infections double
February 10, 2020 | Washington Post | Featured: Peter Rabinowitz View

Increases in minimum wage may not have anticipated positive health effects, study shows
February 10, 2020 | UW News | Featured: Jennifer Otten View

Inundated with flu patients, US hospitals brace for coronavirus
February 7, 2020 | New York Times | Featured: Nicole Errett View

Can face masks prevent coronavirus? Experts say that depends
January 31, 2020 | Time | Featured: Peter Rabinowitz View

What we know about the Wuhan coronavirus
January 23, 2020 | New York Times | Featured: Peter Rabinowitz View

Many in China wear them, but do masks block coronavirus?
January 23, 2020 | New York Times | Featured: Peter Rabinowitz View

Snohomish County man is first US case of new coronavirus
January 22, 2020 | The Everett Herald | Featured: Peter Rabinowitz View

Washingtonians are more likely to die on smoky days, new UW research shows
January 17, 2020 | Crosscut | Featured: Tania M Busch Isaksen View

Five ways climate change impacts health—and how clinicians can mitigate its effect
January 16, 2020 | Healio | Featured: Jeremy J Hess View

Climate change harms the health of children
January 9, 2020 | UW Daily | Featured: Jeremy J Hess, Kristie L. Ebi View

Perspective: The false promise of natural gas
January 9, 2020 | New England Journal of Medicine | Featured: Howard Frumkin View